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Why choose recycled toys? Our guide for eco-conscious parents

  • As an Australian who grew up at the beach, and now a mum of an outgoing and playful little boy, I have always worried about the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Many of us are looking for ways to reduce the plastic we use and are looking to find more eco-friendly alternatives. One way to do this is by choosing toys made from recycled plastic.

  • Why choose recycled toys?

  • There’s at least four good reasons to make sure your loved ones’ toys are recycled:
    1. Safety and Non-Toxicity: Durability and Longevity: Environmental Benefits: Recycled plastic toys are made from post-consumer plastic waste, which helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and our oceans. The massive increase in ocean plastics much driven by children’s toys is deeply troubling (see this article for more). By choosing toys made from recycled materials, parents can contribute to a circular economy, where waste is minimized and resources are reused. This helps to conserve energy and reduce pollution associated with the production of new plastics.

      Recycled plastic toys are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They can withstand rough play, making them an excellent choice for active children. The strong, sturdy nature of these toys means they’re likely to last longer than traditional plastic toys, ultimately saving parents money and reducing waste.

    Recycled plastic toys are usually made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PVC. This ensures that children are not exposed to hazardous substances during playtime. Manufacturers of eco-friendly toys often follow strict safety guidelines and testing protocols to ensure the wellbeing of children.

    1. Encourages Eco-Consciousness:

    By introducing recycled plastic toys to your children, you’re teaching them the importance of making environmentally responsible choices. This can help foster a sense of environmental stewardship and encourage them to make eco-friendly decisions throughout their lives.

  • Some recycled plastic toys that we love in our household (and also make great gifts!)
  1. Green Toys Recycling Truck (Ages 1-5): Made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, this recycling truck teaches kids about recycling while providing hours of imaginative play. The truck is free from BPA, phthalates, and PVC, and is safe for us for children aged 1 and up.
  3. PlanToys Sea Life Bath Set – This fun bath set is made from recycled rubber wood and features a variety of sea creatures. The set encourages water play and imaginative storytelling, and is suitable for children aged 12 months and up. Link:

    1. Green Toys Stacking Set: Safe, non-toxic; contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings, and appropriate for ages 1+.
    3. PlanToys Wooden Helicopter – This eco-friendly helicopter toy is made from natural rubber wood and features spinning propellers and a pilot figure. The toy is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Link: https://plantoys.com/collections/wooden-toys/products/helicopter
Green Toys Recyling Truck: Winner in our 'most bitten' category
PlanToys Sea Life Bath Set: great tub toy for water play, they can float and squirt water. 100% recycled
Green Toys Stacking Set: free from BPA, PVCs, phthalates and 100% recycled

While we can’t always avoid plastic, by choosing toys made from recycled plastic, you can help to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment, while also providing your children with fun and engaging, as well as hygienic, options. These are just a few examples of the many eco-friendly toy options available

Eco-friendly toys

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