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Tips for Caring for and Extending the Lifespan of Eco-Friendly Toys

Eco-friendly toys are a great way to promote sustainability and teach your kids about the importance of caring for the environment. By following these tips, you can ensure that your eco-friendly toys last longer, reducing waste and saving money in the long run

Store Toys Properly
Proper storage can extend the life of your eco-friendly toys. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and warping. This also helps prevent mold, mildew or damage from humidity. We recommend storage solutions like HumbleCrew’s eco-friendly bins to keep your child’s play area organized and protect their toys from damage. It’s especially important to store toys with small parts in separate containers to avoid losing pieces or causing choking hazards.


Follow the Manufacturer’s Care Instructions

This may seem obvious but is easily overlooked: always refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the quality and safety of your eco-friendly toys. It can differ a great deal depending on the material and construction of the toy. For example, PlanToys Wooden Toys line should be cleaned with a damp cloth, while many plastic toys (such as the green toys recycled dumptruck) can be cleaned in the dishwasher. You don’t want to expose your kids to unnecessary germs or bugs from not cleaning their toys properly.


Repair Instead of Replace
Keep an eye on your children’s toys. You need to inspect them regularly for damage or wear, and repair or replace them as needed.  If a toy does become damaged, try repairing it before purchasing a replacement. Simple fixes like gluing broken parts, sewing torn fabric, or repainting can give a toy new life. For more complex repairs, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or a local craftsman for assistance. We suggest Sugru Moldable Glue, as a non-toxic, waterproof, and heat-resistant adhesive.

Rotate and Share Toys

Rotating toys in and out of your child’s play area can keep their interest and prevent wear and tear on their favorites. It also teaches children the importance of sharing.

Encouraging children to take care of their toys:

Teaching your children to care for their toys can help instill a sense of responsibility and appreciation for their belongings. We like involving children in cleaning and organizing their play area.

Don’t forget to praise your child for taking care of their toys and explain the importance of preserving the environment.

You need a storage solution to keep your house organised
GreenToys dumptruck can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher
PlanToys Wooden Sets should be washed with a damp cloth
Sugru Moldable Glue is a non-toxic, waterproof, and heat-resistant adhesive that bonds well to various materials, making it suitable for toy repairs. It's easy to use and sets into a durable silicone rubber, ensuring a long-lasting bond.